Eater Portland on Giraffe and the Japanese Egg Sando's growing popularity in the US


Thank you to Brooke with Eater Portland for reaching out Kana and Gabe this week to talk about egg sandwiches and Japan in Portland. Here's the article: 

(Photo by Kara Stokes / EPDX / IG @Perfectfooddays)

Eater Portland's Brooke Jackson-Glidden said she's been noticing a trend of popularity of Japanese egg salad sandwiches. In visits to Japan we've always thought this convenience store staple made for a tasty, quick meal in between meals. Really though, the mystery remains: why are the convenience store sandwiches in Japan so good? Our hope was that with a little kewpie mayo and Oyatsupan's amazing milk bread, we could also make a tasty Japanese-style Egg Sando suitable for a quick and delicious lunch for the folks who work around Giraffe. 


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