Giraffe’s First Blog Post, いらっしゃいませ!


For this inaugural blog-post, coinciding with the official launch of, we'd like to lead with a simple introduction about what we do at Giraffe. Thank you for visiting and taking a look around. 

We are a small Japanese food and wares shop in Central Southeast Portland, Oregon. We've also got a penchant for fast and healthy Japanese foods that you can grab from our deli, as well as easy delivered-to-your-workplace catering orders.
Giraffe wants to create a fresh take on Japanese food for Portland, distinguishing between Japanese restaurant culture and Japanese table culture. By this line, we mean that the food experience in a Japanese restaurant is different from sitting down to eat with friends and family at a Japanese home. Most Americans have some experience with the former through sushi, ramen, and izakaya, but likely less with the latter. 


 We hope that Portland finds us to be a true, everyday resource for for Japanese food as a way of daily living. We stock the essential ingredients for cooked Japanese food at home, but our small footprint has an unforeseen benefit that we can only effectively stock things which we think are the best. And we certainly don't mean that best means "most expensive," but rather that at Giraffe you will find all the right Japanese staples, as well as amazing artisan ingredients and even cooking classes aimed at breaking down the barriers that make Japanese cooking seem esoteric and challenging. 

IGiraffe Deli Fridgen addition to being a Japanese food resource for home, Giraffe’s kitchen also prepares convenient, simple Japanese foods that you can enjoy everyday at your workplace. At our store you'll find a variety of grab-n-go food choices, from our hot case or the deli fridge. We have prepared bento meals to choose from as well as Japanese "convenience store style" katsu and egg salad sandwiches. Our hot foods include fried chicken karaage and curry rice. Rounding everything out, there's also onigiri, miso soup, Japanese pastries, imported chips, and Japanese soft drinks (Calpico!)

Giraffe's bentos, sandwiches, and snacks are always available as delivered catering for your office lunches and special events, too. 

Thanks for visiting Keep checking back! Our blog will be regularly covering Japanese foods, sake, beer, artisans and traditions, history, special places of Japan, and more. And don't forget to come visit us in our shop, inside Cargo Emporium on 81 SE Yamhill. We are open everyday from 11-6.

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