Sake and Japanese Beer Now Available in the Store!

Giraffe is now selling a wide array of Japanese sake (and a couple of sakes made right here in Oregon as well!) and Japanese beer in the shop. We are very proud to be offering over 40 different kinds of sake, with our selection growing each week. 

Portland is plentiful with specialty beer and wine stores that serve their neighborhoods with diverse selections of styles and price ranges. A good bottle shop is the type of place you can approach for guidance and education, or just to grab something reliable. Our goal is to be all of that for you, in a neighborhood sake-specialized shop. 

The sake focus at Giraffe is on offering high-quality craft sake, as well as low-price bottles. We also carry special things such as seasonal Nama (unpasteurized) releases from our favorite brewers. We offer a comprehensive selection of sake from every style, from aromatic Daiginjo, to cloudy Nigori, and delicious and interesting Futsu-shu as well. 

And if you want to know what Daiginjo, Nigori, or Futsu-shu are, we are here for you as well, and happy to answer any questions you might have!

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