Kasumi Tsuru Kimoto - 720ml

Basic Talking Points:

Kimoto is the original style of making the "starter" for the sake batch (sake is made with a starter, kind of like how sourdough bread needs one.) It is the predecessor of the Yamahai-style of starter brewing. In short, both Kimoto and Yamahai sake are all about the "Moto", or starter. Moto is a batch of cooked rice teeming with koji yeast growth that will be used to cause the rest of the rice in the sake batch to ferment. In Yamahai and Kimoto, the koji and yeast microbes are allowed propogate and reproduce slowly, along with Lactic Acid bacteria naturally present in the air. This slow propogation allows for a wide range of flavors to develop, due to the rich microbial environment that is supported by a slow starter-fermentaion. Kimoto is labor intensive, using long wooden poles to mix the starter, where as Yamahai just gets to sit. Both produce wilder, gamier, funkier flavors in sake.


Tasting Notes:

Rich, complex, elegant, and layered. Earthy and savory. Hints of dried fruit. Crisp and lasting finish. Roasted nuts, shiitake mushrooms, honey, dried fruit.


Pairing Suggestions:

Thanksgiving. BBQ Pork. Smoked meats. Flourless chocolate cake.


Serving Temperature Suggestion: chilled, room temp or warm
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