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We want all of you to cook simple Japanese style meals together at home. Everyday Japanese is the path to a fresh new approach to cooking that is fun, easy, affordable and makes the most of the seasons and appeals to the wide variety of tastes. Our classes emphasize basic skills and group participation. Throw a Gyoza Party, make Delicious Rice, learn more about Dashi, Sukiyaki Night and more. Erik, Gabe and Kana, can’t wait to share their love for Everyday Japanese Cooking with you!

Upcoming Classes

March 27th
Vegan Japanese – SOLD OUT - 100% plants and all of the Japanese Feels $40
April 3rd
Okonomiyaki - SOLD OUT  – Everyone's favorite messy Japanese pancake $40
April 10th
Gyoza Party – SOLD OUT - Just like it sounds AND its Gabe's birthday $40
April 24th
Japanese Rice – intricacies of an amazing food and some side dishes $40
May 1st
Vegetable Side Dishes & Quick Pickles – SOLD OUT- Simple new ways to think about vegetables! $40

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