Choryo yamahai omachi tarusake (720ml)

Basic Talking Points:

This sake is unique among all of our sakes at Giraffe, in that it spends time in large cedar vats called "Taru" before it is bottled. Taru flavor can be overwhelming and dominate subtle flavors in lesser sake, but in Choryo's case, they combine sake that are skillfully brewed to match the cedar's flavor, with high quality casks (this topic goes much deeper, see production notes.) and a carefully measured amount of time for the sake to spend in the cask (one month in the case of their Omachi Yamahai). Fans of Japanese whiskies and oaky white wines will enjoy this round and rich sake.


Tasting Notes:

Mellow taste, smooth acidity, subtle cedar aroma, full body, mildly earthy. 


Pairing Suggestions:

Sauteed vegetables, butter, garlic, Ramen, Udon, Indian Cuisine


Serving Temperature Suggestion: Chilled or Room Temp
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