Gozenshu bodaimoto junmai nigori (720ml)

Basic Talking Points:

This Nigori* is far to the end of the less-cloudy side of the Nigori spectrum. It is not like typical creamy and fruity nigori. Cockatil fans would like this. It is green apple tart, citrusy, and melony, and a little gamey. Very cool and different. *Nigori = "cloudy sake", it is way too common and straight up incorrect to say "unfiltered". All Nigori is in-fact filtred, but just through a wider mesh that allows some fine particles through. 


Tasting Notes:

Key lime, tart green apple, melon, "plain" yogurt


Pairing Suggestions:

Cheese, Japanese curry, thai food, BBQ, peppery foods


Serving Temperature Suggestion:



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